Family Mediation

Mediation helps couples to resolve practical matters arising from separation of divorce.

It avoids the high costs and stress of the Court process and allows couples to take control of the outcomes. It is not designed to discuss whether the relationship can still work but to help a couple both move forward and co-operate in making decisions.

David will work patiently with a couple to help them find solutions and be able to move forward with their lives more confidently and peacefully. As a mediator he is impartial and his aim is to provide a safe, peaceful place for a couple to resolve issues privately and effectively. He will help a couple to explore the options and ways to reach an agreement whilst avoiding pressure being put on either of them. He will help them to communicate effectively and arrive at fair and sensible solutions.

Mediation can assist in reducing conflict. Where children are involved it helps the parents to consider the needs and feelings of their children and also helps the parents communicate with each other in their role as parents.

David has been assessed by the Legal Aid Agency as competent to deal with legal aid mediations. From April 2014 any person who is considering making a family application to the Court must attend a Family MIAM (Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting). David is qualified to conduct a MIAM. At the MIAM, information will be provided about mediation of disputes of the kind to which the application relates, ways in which the dispute may be resolved otherwise than by the Court and the suitability of mediation for trying to resolve the dispute.

David conducts his family mediation through the Family Mediation Consortium and he can be contacted through them.

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