Workplace & Employment

Much of a person’s time is spent at work so it needs to be a pleasant and hassle free experience.

Despite the best of intentions issues do arise. Workplace mediation resolves disputes over bullying, harassment, victimisation and personality clashes between work colleagues.

Employment mediation can resolve disputes over terms and conditions of employment, grievance and disciplinary procedures, unfair and constructive dismissal and redundancy.

If a workplace or employment dispute is not solved then:-

  • If further bullying harassment takes place employees can feel isolated.
  • Reduce productivity.
  • Low morale.
  • Damaged work relationships.
  • Long term sick due to stress.
  • Damaged careers.

Mediation can be:-

  • A quick flexible voluntary process.
  • Breaking down barriers leading to entrenched positions.
  • Repairing broken work relationships.
  • Owning the solution.

We were dealt with equally

The notes were succinct and entirely clear