Civil & Commerical

Discuss your differences in an informal mediation setting and avoid the stress of Court proceedings.

Going to Court can be costly. It takes time and can be very stressful so why not try and settle the dispute through mediation. Mediation is simply a way of resolving your dispute without the need to go to Court. All parties to a dispute need to consent to the mediation. Once parties consent to a mediation then David will agree a time and place with them for the mediation and agree the appropriate fees. At the mediation he will allow both parties to explain their approach to the issues and explore ways of settling the dispute and finding solutions.

If the dispute cannot be settled through mediation then parties are not in any way bound by what has been discussed. Agreement only becomes binding once it has been drawn up and signed. Parties do not lose at mediation because they retain complete control of the solution.

David qualified as a Civil Mediator in 1996 and over the years has mediated commercial, contractual, inheritance and probate, boundary and workplace disputes.

I would recommend Davids services as a mediator

David was clear, fair and very professional